To our clients, friends and neighbors – we are thinking of you all right now as you’re hunkered down in your homes, many of which we’ve had the privilege of working on over the years.

Being in the up close and personal business of working in and on homes, you might be wondering what we’re doing through all of this social distancing — and the answer is adapting and keeping busy. Our field is taking extreme precautions on active projects, shifting schedules to keep fewer people on site, adding some extra zip walls, more HEPA filters. And oh so much Purell. Steady progress continues.

Our office and design staff are all working from home, doing consultations and design meetings via FaceTime and video chat. So much of a successful project is in the upfront planning, most or all of which can be done digitally. So really while it feels like everything has seemingly changed overnight, much of our day-to-day activities remain, which has been nice in these strange times.

As many of you transition into working from home, living in your house like never before, cooking more, sharing more space, and hopefully getting some extra time with your loved ones, your wheels might start to turn on ways you could make your space more beautiful or functional for your family.

It takes on average 6-12 weeks to get a project designed, bid and ready to build, so these weeks at home could be a great time to get a jump on that. Let’s make this fun! We’re just a few FaceTime calls and emails away from the kitchen design you’ve always wanted.

And meanwhile, hang in there as the walls seemingly start to close in on you! Spring is coming!