Once upon a time, John and I owned a condo near the Nelson Atkins Art Gallery. Little Annie spent a couple of her first years of life there until Quig came along with loud lungs and forced our family into a free-standing home out of the earshot of neighbors.

Super thoughtful of us to move once we became loud, right? Well, not everyone is so nice, turns out. A few years later the upstairs unit was sold to a rather rowdy couple whose idea of bedtime was around 3a and who drank vodka, not warm milk, before their heads hit the pillow.

It didn’t take long before our sweet tenants that were renting our condo decided to throw in the towel and find someplace quiet – a home of their own. Well wouldn’t you know – that home they found needed a new kitchen and it just so happens that that’s Scovell Remodeling’s main shtik! So I suppose this dark cloud of losing a tenant had a silver lining after all.

Enter the house with the blue carpet. A gorgeous, albeit slightly out-of-date Sunset Hills house down the street from Loose Park. The kitchen was situated in an addition from the 80s and looked every bit its decade.

So, far from the noise of the rowdy condo neighbors, these clients settled into their new time warp and over the course of the first two years living there developed a plan. A plan that wouldn’t require too much heavy lifting. We wouldn’t affect the structure. We’d leave the soffits alone. We’d leave the post alone. We wouldn’t touch the hardwoods that they installed quickly after moving in. But we’d nonetheless turn the kitchen on its head with a heavy dose of good taste.

kitchen rendering and after shot in brookside scovell remodeled kitchen

Despite having a one year old daughter and despite warnings (!) they braved the wilderness with beautiful marble countertops. The backsplash was a hand-glazed subway tile. The cabinets, two shades of gray. Brass pulls. A stainless steel apron front sink. Simple and classic.

rendering compared to kitchen after scovell remodel

The breakfast area got a simple makeover with Visual Comfort’s Etoile chandelier.

breakfast nook with etoile visual comfort chandelier

Keeping within the old cabinet footprint so as not to deal with the hardwoods, the homeowners created a dry bar for entertaining out of what was once a “drop zone.”

wine bar in brookside kitchen by scovell remodeling

shaker style cabinets with brass pulls and glazed subway tile

The cabinets were built locally in a simple shaker style. The pantry sports pull out shelves for easy access.

shaker style cabinet with pull out pantry

As is a current widespread (and wise) obsession, the range wall is equipped with pull out spice and tray storage on either side of the range top.

close up of custom cabinetry and bertazzoni cooktop in scovell kitchen

scovell remodeled kitchen with spice pull out

This had to have been the quickest kitchen we’ve ever remodeled in under 3 months. But wow the difference!

before and after of kitchen remodeled by scovell in brookside missouri