What are the features of Design + Build?
Process Driven

We geek out on order, predictability, and strong communication. We navigate the path on your behalf from design concepts all the way through to the punchlist, keeping you apprised of each next step.

Process Driven

Your plans are reviewed by our project development and construction teams for feedback and feasibility well before we present an idea to you. Together we develop a plan that is both beautiful and practical.

Guilt-free Selections

Our designer works within the budgets set by our project developer to propose selections  commensurate with what you want to spend. If the project begins to creep, we check in with you and pivot when needed.

Team Stability

Your future project manager attends the  subcontractor trade walk to get familiar with your space and offer insight well in advance of construction. We take care of passing the baton from design to construction - no action required by you!

Design is in the Details

Once construction begins the design team continues to check-in onsite to ensure the final product is built according to plans. When the house serves up a surprise, we're agile to make the necessary adjustments to the design and communicate it to your construction team.

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Is Design + Build right for you?


Aspects of our process that we really value

  • Clear next steps with a construction start date to track toward
  • A design and construction team that are used to working together and know each others’ rhythms, expectations and communication styles
  • Plans developed with feasibility and budget in mind - meaning we develop a project that fits the bill


Why Design + Build might not be the best fit

  • You have a beloved architect you've worked with for years
  • You like to make decisions on the fly or prefer to lead the selection process
  • You need to start construction right away (our construction start dates are reserved for our design backlog)
  • You prefer cost-plus work (we're fixed price)