Production Manager

Mike was born and raised in Marysville, KS. Most of his childhood was spent at the ball field or shooting baskets in the gym. He is a 2010 graduate of Kansas State University. He spent many summers working for construction companies in the Marysville and Manhattan area. During this time, he had hands-on experience in nearly every aspect of the home building process. Mike worked for Pepsi Cola of Manhattan for 10 years following his graduation from KSU, with the majority of this time as Service Manager. He then worked as a project manager for a custom home builder in the Manhattan and Kansas City areas. 

Mike is married to Bridget and they have three children, Charlie, Ann and Nora. Most of Mike's free time is spent with family, but you are also likely to find him on a golf course. Mike's other interests include watching sports and playing outside with his kids. 

Describe your part in the build process.

As a PM, I am the glue for the project after it breaks ground. I communicate with the clients on details and work to give them exactly what they are looking for. I also set up subcontractors behind the scenes to get the actual hands-on work done. The PMs are keeping the wheels moving on the production of the project, while making sure the clients have the best experience possible. 

Describe how your experience in the field supports this role.

There is not much in the field that I haven’t done to some extent. Having a solid idea of how things will operate from a sub-contractors standpoint is very helpful. I think that experience gives me a deeper understanding of how the job will function, so I can plan things correctly. 

What is your favorite kind of project to work on?

I like complex projects. The kind of projects that are difficult and not everyone would do. I really enjoy getting into the details and figuring out the tough parts of the projects. 

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