Administrative Manager

Stephanie is the heart beat of the company. As an office manager and bookkeeper she keeps the lights on (literally) and keeps our little machine of a company working day to day. She’s also a member of our Leadership Team, focused on cultivating organizational health through the company.

In her personal life, she confesses to being a bit crunchy (her words!). She practices mindfulness and meditates daily. She’s an advocate for pollinators, native plants, and wild landscapes. She makes her own tinctures out of plants she grows. She loves to cook, bake and crochet. A naturally curious person, she is always asking "what if?" and testing her theories.

What do you love about your job?

I love working for a small close-knit firm. We all know our role and do it well. Anyone in our organization can speak up and affect change when a better and/or more efficient way of doing things comes along. We have high standards and the value we place on craftsmanship is evident in the awards we win, the great reviews we receive, and the happy clients that refer us to their friends and call us back for their next project.

Why design + build?

Design + Build is great because we take great care in making sure our design team isn't creating anything impossible to execute. Our production team is brought in earlier in the process than a traditional builder would be, ensuring their commitment to the client and the design. The process is more seamless and less stressful which ensures the end result is that much more beautiful. 

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