Patrick has spent over 18 years of his career at Scovell. He started in the industry at a young age learning from and working with his dad who was also a carpenter. After a year pursuing a degree in chemical engineering at KU, he joined Scovell in a part-time role. Despite his best efforts to pick a different path, carpentry just came naturally. Patrick quickly moved from sweeping floors to learning the trade as an apprentice to leading projects, and found he was at his best when his hands were on the tools. After a two-year hiatus spent building his life’s dream work: an urban farm/homestead, Patrick recently rejoined the Scovell "family.”

At home, Patrick just celebrated his 10 year anniversary with his wife, Amy, and lives in East Brookside with their 14 year old son, Ryan. And their dogs…all 4 of them!

Favorite tool?

The tape measure. It doesn't lie and is the foundation of the entire industry. We rely heavily on math through every step of the process so accuracy is imperative. 

What is your favorite kind of project to work on?

I enjoy small additions the most. I like how adding just a little bit to a floor plan can completely change the way it feels. I also enjoy kitchen projects - they have the most fun finishes at the end, and appliances are sweet.

Why design + build?

That's easy, it's just better. We happen to have a team that is very collaborative and open to suggestions which brings an increased sense of ownership. We’re not just building the plans, we’re doing our due diligence to make sure it’s right.

What do you love about your work here at Scovell?

There is a high value placed on building the correct way and that's something I can always get on board with. No one questions me or stops me from rebuilding something if it isn't quite right. I always said I wouldn't work for another company and I mean it to this day. At Scovell, I feel valued not only for my work but also as an individual. Kylie and the team were flexible to negotiate a part time schedule that would allow me to help them in the field while also maintaining my dream on the farm.

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